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Capricious LLC works with goats to manage and clear land that is overgrown. Our goats are on pasture year round and are raised to be the very best at reducing unwanted or invasive vegetation.  We love our goats and would be happy to share them with you. Get in touch today to learn more about our targeted grazing services.


Our Team

We Get the Job Done Right


Monica & Tim Shields


There is no end to the excitement in our day.  In addition to parenting two boys, our household includes a couple of dogs, a turtle, the goats (obviously), a donkey, some chickens and guineas.  When not working, we enjoy the outdoors some more either hiking or kayaking.



Head LaMancha

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. Dobby can be counted on to be the first to load whether going to a new location or heading home. He is always up for a road trip.  He has a quirky personality and unique vocalizations.  Many of them end with a rising intonation making it sound like he is asking a question.


Maria, Jack & Diane

We Are Family  . . .

Maria is a Boer/Pygmy cross.  Her twins Jack (tan) and Diane (white) are old enough to be on their own but still like to hang with Mom.  Maria can be a little standoffish but she approaches each job with gusto.  Jack and Diane are inquisitive and friendly.  They will quickly charm you.


Our Team

We Get the Job Done Right


Scratch, Nick and Ding


We have three Saanen wethers that look nearly identical.  We tell them apart by the color of their collars. They were bottle babies and so are very people oriented.  Nick and Ding went out on a job for the first time in the fall and are quickly learning the ropes.



Sticker gitter

Eddie loves being helpful.  He especially loves to remove stickers from tools, buckets, or best of all . . . fruit.  He relishes removing the stickers from any bananas, watermelons or pumpkins we might bring as treats.  He industriously peels the stickers off and spits them at our feet before moving onto the next piece to inspect. Clean eating trend setter?


James Van der Bleat

Model wanna be

James is a tri colored Alpine.  He likes  hiking and dining out.  He responds readily to his name and often seems to be posing for pictures.


Our Team

We Get the Job Done Right

Penelope on the platform.jpg


This Nubian/Boer gal has a lot to say.  While not loud like a lot of Nubians, she does have a tendency to share her opinion when she thinks she is due more animal crackers.  Sometimes we even catch her murmuring to herself in a way that sounds like she is singing.


Captain Bud Hoof

Captain Hoof of Eee Aw Protective Services watches for anything amiss.  He is super careful of our little goats.  Nothing is getting by on this long ear's watch.  He greets us each day with a loud bray and shares gentle wuffles when we bring his bucket out.


Caprines a plenty

We have quite a few more characters in our munch bunch though it is hard to give them all a profile.

About Capricious LLC

We own 62 acres that was overgrown.  The species of trees on our woodlot were even being altered by the dense understory.  When faced with the options for managing the brush, goats were the only realistic solution for us.  Once we started moving the animals in, neighbors, friends and friends of friends started asking about borrowing our munch bunch.  Now we rent them to clear land.  What could be better than a job you enjoy?!  The goaties love to go to work.

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Professional Services

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Invasive plant removal

Goats are amazing at weed, brush and invasive vegetation removal.  They eat plants that other herbivores can't or won't touch.  Even better is that they are immune to the effects of poison ivy and find it to be a tasty treat!


Steep terrain tackled

Western Pennsylvania is largely one hill after another.  Some of them are difficult for us bipeds to navigate with a mower or weedwhacker.  Goats don't have such an issue and relish the opportunity to dine in such a place.   Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

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What goes in, must come out!  A goat's multi-chambered digestive system works continuously to ferment what they eat.  The goods news is that this amazing process destroys weed seeds!  You are left with a quality natural fertilizer to enrich your soil and nourish the plants you want.


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