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Recent work: Clients
before photo 1.jpg

Bellevue Before

This client had a postage stamp backyard that was useable but lots more land to her property that was overgrown.  The overgrown area was a fairly steep hill leading down to a paper street.

after photo 2.jpg

Bellevue After

The before photo was from the backyard fence looking down.  The after photo is part of the way down the hill looking up.  What a difference!  The goaties loved the vegetation here.


Ohio Twp

This property had a wildflower meadow gone wild.  After a few years, the dominant wildflowers crowded out less robust species.  In turn, weeds moved in and crowded out the wildflowers.  When we arrived the weeds had taken over.  Given the steep grade of the slope it was difficult to maintain with a mower or weedeater.  The goats didn't have any problem navigating the terrain and noshing on the weeds.


Ross Twp

The goats were working in a yard right at the edge of the Ross.  The place was loaded with poison ivy!  Oooh, a yummy buffet for this munch bunch.


Mt Lebanon - Before

Dobby, Jack, Luke, Nick and Ding took on this backyard.  There are several different slopes on this property and they are quite steep making it hard for us 2-footers to navigate.


Mt Lebanon - After

This is the same area of fence as the first photo but about 7 days after the goats moved in.  In the before photo, you can see that Ding (about as tall as a large dog) is covered by the foliage.  This photo shows the path they cleared along the fence line and down the slope.


Crooked Creek Park

Whiskey's crew were working near the boat launch to attack some multi-flora rose and grapevine that were starting to strangle the trees.  Here they are showing some teamwork by piling on a smaller tree to bend it over enough to get the leaves off the upper branches.  Goats strip plants of seeds and leaves first, thereby robbing the vegetation of the ability to photosynthesize.

Client 3

East Findley, Washington County

Annie and Fawna took charge of this property.  They led Snickers, Mabel, Mia and Eddie through the woods and across streams as there were several areas for this crew to clean up.


Emlenton, Venango County

This group led by Penelope, munched their way through multiflora rose that was 10ft tall in spots.  There was also a lot of grapevine climbing the trees.  Here you can see Bandit and Bojangles using the shelter to get vegetation higher up.  Guess goats are tool users too!


Graduation Parties

Most of the time, our goats are rented for land clearing jobs.  However, they are well socialized and happy to attend other functions.  Here some of our babies are at a graduation party.  Isn't Penny cute?



How could goats and beer possibly be connected?  What we know as Bock beer originated in the German city of Einbeck.  However, it was pronounced with a Bavarian accent that sounds like Einbock.  Ziegenbock is the German word for billy goat.  Are you seeing the connection?  A friend had an idea to celebrate Octoberfest by including our goats at his party.  Dark beers are a pretty good option for goats as the fermenting yeast, hops and cereal grains help to populate the flora in their gut.  You can see that Mack has charmed someone into sharing their red solo cup.

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