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Take a gander at this. . . We have some honkin big news!

Captain Hoof and Lt. Dan of Eee Aw Protective Services and LC Acres welcomed two feathered protectors. James Pond (gray head) and Quackie Chan (white with gray mottling) moved to our farm early in December. We thought that they could look out for the chickens and ducks. While they reside with Drake Mallard, Mrs. Featherby, Webster and Duck Norris, they seem to enjoy guarding the goats more. Each time we let the bird out of the runs, James Pond and Quackie Chan run to the goat pasture. The farm where they came from housed them with their goats. We are thrilled to have them as they will be tasked with sounding an alarm when something is amiss as well as cleaning up the slug population that plagues us.

The second piece of big news is our new blog. While our site has a few profiles of our goats and donkeys, we wanted to be able to share a bit more about each of them or funny stories of life with them. Check in weekly for new installments of Goats on the Go!

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01 ian. 2023

We are looking forward to next week’s instalment with news on our furry friends and feathered acquaintances!

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